HCP was formed to assist companies in the disparate healthcare, manufacturing and CPG markets.  We specialize in care delivery, information technology, diagnostics and medical devices segments of the healthcare market where our partners have deep domain expertise. Our partners also focus on the performance automotive aftermarket, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and diagnostics.

  • HealthCare Delivery and Information Technology – New business models and the Accountable Care Act, which capitalize on outsourcing or advances in healthcare information technology, will generate cost efficiencies and/or improve patient outcomes. Significant opportunity exists for effective healthcare information technology solutions that can create value by enabling interaction on an electronic format and using healthcare information technology to reduce costs and increase positive patient outcomes.
  • Medical Devices and Clinical Diagnostic – Rapid innovation is addressing unmet medical needs through the development of new technologies to treat or diagnose chronic disease. The trend today is continuing to move toward “managing disease rather than curing a medical condition, primarily using molecular diagnostic tools and therapies that target the effected organ at the cellular level. The emergence of medical devices designed to diagnose and treat medical conditions, such as additional minimally invasive surgical devices to treat breast and cardiac disease, implantable therapies (stem cells and gene therapy), new nuclear digital imaging technologies, and diagnostic tools resulting from the mapping of the human genome, are increasing market potential.
  •  Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturing – an ever changing economic environment affects the marketplace for existing and novel solutions within the marketplace.  The globalalization of supply chain and shortening of time from manufacture to consumer are growing trends.  Expertize in merchandising and ecommerce are requirements of a partnership to add value in the vertical. The Connected Car, telematics and autonomous innovation will drive both the near and long term trends in the market.

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