• Jon D. Holder currently serves as General Partner for Holder Capital Partners, a Southern California focused, early stage, consulting practice, accelerating healthcare companies in the delivery/services, healthcare information technologies, devices and diagnostics segments.

    Mr. Holder has responsibility for and expertise in deal flow development, deal assessment, due diligence, organizational development and general operations.  His operational expertise includes technology implementation, enterprise software applications, network infrastructure, sales and healthcare services.  Holder Capital Partners is focused as a Family Office Venture Capital investor working with founders, capital sources and management... the development of early stage companies.  During his tenure Mr. Holder has screened more than 4000 plans, assisted in the deal review of 11 deals and the due diligence of 7 that lead to a HCP investment.  Among these investments were MedAssetts where Mr. Holder did the early market due diligence that led to the investment; Pyxis, where Mr. Holder assisted in early sales process due diligence that tested the market assumptions and helped shape the sales model that ultimately led to success; TheraTx, where Mr. Holder assisted the General Partner of HCP with financial modeling leading to a better understanding of market dynamics; and EDiX, where Mr. Holder not only co-founded the company, but co-raised the Series A investment of $2.5 million to acquire the initial business unit while recruiting the technology team to execute on the plan.  Additional investments include DispenseSource ( and HS Technology (


    From 1992 to 1998 Mr. Holder was co-founder of EDiX Corporation, a national leader in the digital healthcare information management business.  At EDiX, Mr. Holder’s responsibilities included M&A due diligence and deal structure which resulted in the identification of 150 target companies, the evaluation of 15 and extensive due diligence on 5 companies resulting in the acquisition of Record Plus Corporation (the leader in the space of large, fully outsourced transcription contracts).  He was then responsible for parent company and client integration into the Record Plus business unit.  Mr. Holder pioneered the National Client Implementation Model still in use today with clients including HCA-The Healthcare Company, Medpartners, and FPA Medical Management.  He was also instrumental in the design of the EDiX Technology that revolutionized the dictation/transcription industry.  EDiX Corporation was acquired by IDX Corp (IDXC) in 1998 for $30 million, subsequently by Total eMed for $64 million in 2003, and finally by two divisions of Warburg in 2004 for approximately $220 million.  EDiX is currently operating at a $140 million revenue run rate as Spheris Corporation.


    Mr. Holder currently serves on the Advisory Board of Evosport, an internet based supplier of aftermarket products and services for Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW automobiles based in Orange County California.  Additionally, Mr. Holder is a member of the Orange County Venture Group, and regularly attends OCTANe (Orange County Technology Action Network) and Tech Coast Venture Network. Mr. Holder also is limited partner in a southern California Venture Capital Fund.


    Mr. Holder's skills include extensive working knowledge of Microsoft’s Suite of Business Application Products, along with Networking OS, architecture and topology.  Additionally he has an aptitude to rapidly understand sensitive technical environments and envision novel solutions to complex challenges.


    Mr. Holder has grown up in the rapidly changing southern California environment and through numerous personal and business contacts, has been exposed to exceptional opportunities relating to the entrepreneurial spirit.  Mr. Holder has participated in the evaluation and due diligence surrounding countless companies and business ventures.


    Mr. Holder has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a Business Emphasis from UCLA (1991).









    Crosspoint Entrepreneurial Fund 1992

    Mission Ventures II, LLC

    HS Technology


      Notable Clients

    Lutter Consulting

    The Beaver Medical Group

    EDiX Corporation


    One Touch Technologies

    High Tower Software

      Company Advisory
    / Due Diligence





    Premium Chat

    OneTouch Technologies

    High Tower Software

    HS Technology



  • David Holder currently serves as the Managing General Partner for Holder Capital Partners, a Southern California focused, early stage, consulting practice, accelerating companies through foundational capital formation, market positioning and service offering completion. David Holder’s background includes expertise in early stage capital formation, go-to-market strategies and target account profiling. Since 1980 David Holder has worked with and invested in nine early stage healthcare ventures and on average returned 6.9 times the invested capital for each deal with an average life cycle of 43 months. In addition to its limited partner investments with Mission Ventures (outlined below) Holder Capital Partners has five currently active portfolio investments. Four are currently private and one, MedAssets (MDAS – Approx $1.3B cap value) completed its public offering in December 2007. 

    From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Holder served as Founding Venture Partner with Mission Ventures from the inception of the fund in 1996 through 2001. Two funds, totaling $288 million, were raised during this period. At the end of 2002, 33 investments were completed. Sandpiper, an early Mission Ventures first fund portfolio company, was acquired by Digital Island in December 1999, and returned to limited partners nearly the entire $63 million first fund amount. With the Mission Ventures change of focus, Mr. Holder transitioned from Venture Partner to Consultant through 2006. As a Mission Ventures Limited Partner David Holder continues to provide support to several Portfolio Companies, review deal flow and recommend potential investments. While at Mission as General Partner, he was responsible for introducing 6 investments (5 healthcare and 1 technology) all currently profitable and ongoing.


    Previous to Mission Ventures (1980 – 1996) David Holder invested in his own portfolio as a family office venture capital investor working with founders, capital sources and management, specializing in the development of early stage healthcare companies. He was instrumental in the founding and/or early stage development and funding of ten companies including CAREMARK (CK), originally acquired for $575 million by Baxter in 1987 and later by MedPartners in 1996; PANCRETEC, acquired for $58 million, by Abbott Labs (ABT) in 1987; PYXIS, acquired for $986 million by Cardinal Health (CAH) in 1996; THERATX, acquired for $680 million by Vencor (now known as Kindred Healthcare - KIND) in 1997; and EDiX, acquired for $30 million by IDX Corporation (IDXC) in 1999, and finally acquired by Warburg Pincus and Soros Capital for approximately $220 million in 2004. The development capital raised by these companies exceeds $150 million and approximate current aggregate valuation exceeds $6 billion.


    For most of his career, Mr. Holder has specialized in fast growth, healthcare businesses, primarily in strategic development and finance. At one point, Pyxis and TheraTx ranked number one and two respectively on the "Inc. Magazine" list of the 100 fastest growing public companies. With co-founder Jon Holder, in 1992 he founded EDiX, the first integrated, nationwide network for the collection and distribution of clinical dictation and transcription. The EDiX technology continues as the most technically advanced dictation/transcription platform in the market.


    In January 1980, Mr. Holder joined the co-founders of CAREMARK as an investor with Vice President of Sales responsibilities. As the third member of the executive management team, he developed the original sales plan and organization that achieved all sales and profitability objectives for the company during his five-year tenure. CAREMARK's 1980, first year revenues under his leadership were $1.8 million and were forecasted to exceed $200 million at the time of its acquisition by Baxter in 1987. At the time of its acquisition, the company was the leader in the field of technology based home therapies and continued to hold the leading market position, with total revenues exceeding $1.5 billion in 1993, until partial divestiture in 1995 and acquisition in 1996. The two successor companies continue as current market leaders.


    Mr. Holder's background also includes staff and line management responsibilities with two divisions of Baxter Laboratories. He managed an expansion field organization with the Baxter division of the company and subsequently was responsible for all Canadian and western U.S. sales for the Hyland Diagnostics Division. Over a seven-year period with Baxter, he held six progressive positions of responsibility.


    Also included in Mr. Holder's experience is a three-year period as Director of Sales for the McGaw division of American Hospital Supply Corporation. Under his direction the division made record gains in sales against market leaders, Baxter and Abbott. Mr. Holder's experience also includes national sales management responsibility for U.S. Surgical Corp. and general management responsibility for the medical/diagnostic products distribution unit of the Bergen-Brunswig Corporation.

    Current Boards


    MedAssets (Senior Advisory Board, Investor)

    ProDex Inc.(PDEX – Nasdaq) (Member, Chairman Compensation Committee)

    Cogent Healthcare, Inc. (Observer, Mission Ventures)


    Notable Clients


    Unique Retreats


    Pyxis Corporation

    PurePulse Technologies

    One Touch Technologies

    Workwell Systems


    Non-Profit Boards


    Concordia University, President’s Advisory Council (Member)

    UCI Medical Center Executive Council (Member)

     Previous Boards


    Accentcare (Founding Investor, Attended)

    Covenant Care, Inc. (Director)

    EDiX Corporation (Founder, Chairman, Director)

    Health Savings Technology (Director)

    His Children (Director)

    International Decathlon for Academics (Founder, Director)

    Isopedix Corporation (Founder, Chairman, Director) (Observer)

    Nexiant (Director, First Outside Investor)

    Pyxis Corporation (Founder, First Outside Investor, Director)

    Saddleback Church (Trustee)

    Satori World Medical (Director)

    Southwest Baptist University (Trustee)

    TheraTx, Inc. (First Outside Founding Investor, Director)

    Toward Tradition (Director)

    WorkWell (Founding Investor, Observer)

     Other Areas of Interest


    Saddleback Church


    Executives in Transition

     Significant Awards


    MedAssets Annual David Holder Award (A Sales Achievement Award)

    Nexiant – Founding Vision Award

    BridgeGate 20 Award

    2001 Forum for Corporate Directors

    Leadership in Creation of

    Economic Value, 1996

    Various Top Achievement,

    Sales/General Management

    Awards at Baxter, McGaw

    Division of American

    Hospital Supply and Bergen

    Brunswig Corp


  • Dave Dowling is the Founder and Managing Principal of Aligns, Inc., and provides business advisory and organization/leadership development services to a wide range of clients. He has served as a member of the Executive Advisory Board of Union Village, the world’s first integrated healthcare community being built in Henderson Nevada, and current serves on the Advisory Board of MD Revolution, and Branch2 . Dave is also one of the founding team members of Executive Service Impact (ESI):.   As an adviser to executives, Dave is known for helping his clients to unlock and combine the collective capabilities of their leadership teams to rapidly create a shared view on tough issues.  He has held executive leadership roles in Health Care, Financial Services and Technology businesses where he led numerous... and organizational strategy initiatives. He has held senior roles in strategy, business development, learning and human resources at Aetna, Pitney Bowes, and United Technologies.

    Organizations that have benefited through collaboration with Dave over the past fifteen years include Ascension Health and many of its local health ministries, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics – University Healthcare Alliance, Fidelity, HCA, Pfizer, Anthem, Catamaran, University of Wisconsin Business School, Health Care Service Corporation (the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, TX and NM), and numerous early to mid-stage private equity backed healthcare and technology companies, including MD Revolution and Branch2.

    His varied experiences as a consultant and an executive leading strategy, large enterprise programs and staff functions has equipped him with a unique ability to offer Boards and senior leaders incisive sound advice and recommendations that has served to accelerate the achievement of strategic objectives. As a result, Dave has the unique ability to see your issues/opportunities as both an advisor, as well as someone who has lived with the consequences of strategic decisions.

    Dave has a reputation for asking thought provoking questions to help his clients discover solutions to nagging issues. His passion for learning, ability to connect with individuals at all levels, as well as his unique gift of quickly understanding people and processes, ensures that there is no issue that is too complicated for him to decipher. He contributes by closing the gaps between strategy and the reality of organizations.

    Dave earned a BS degree from Central Connecticut State University and a MS degree from University of Bridgeport. He also pursued additional graduate studies at The Julliard School, and Wesleyan University, as well as business studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Wharton.

    He divides his time between consulting/advising the C-Suite and business development support for early stage companies, so that he has time for volunteer work.

    He lives in Dana Point, CA with his wife and their two rescue dogs.

  • Dean Jensen - Jensen Capital Partners.  Mr. Jensen has over 30 years of experience operating, funding, and creating strategic alliances with major industry leaders, and trading the private securities of emerging growth companies – including start-ups, reorganizations, and high growth enterprises. Within his portfolio he also serves as a restructuring resource and has multiple projects underway. He learned his analysis techniques and skills from some of Wall Street’s most respected investors and analysts, as well as from Silicon Valley’s early founders. Mr. Jensen began his career at Warburg Paribas Becker, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Bear Stearns, and Kidder Peabody.

    In 1991, he formed what is now Jensen Capital Partners to focus on assisting and operating emerging growth companies.

    Mr. Jensen graduated from Claremont Men’s College.

  • Dan Mickelsen is a senior executive with over 22 years of experience spanning the automotive aftermarket, software development, industrial automation, data visualization, communication and creative industries. Mr. Mickelsen’s focus is on bringing strategic thinking, tactical execution and bottom line improvement in all his efforts, and to do so with a team of dedicated and creative professionals. He has demonstrated success in common sense leadership with strong strategy definition, operational planning and execution, product development, international sales and marketing, client management and communication, and strategic relationships.

    As the Internet aggressively changed the way companies interacted with their environments in the late 1990’s, Mr. Mickelsen founded a boutique branding agency. For 7 years Mr. Mickelsen’s agency developed multimedia products and marketing strategies for image and brand identity clients such as such as Coca Cola, Edelman Communications, Ericsson, and the University of California. Mr. Mickelsen left agency work in 2006 to found InteliSea, LLC, a technology manufacturer in the luxury yacht industry. In a difficult economy, Mr. Mickelsen guided the firm through a two year R&D phase and built $3 million in annual revenue within eighteen months of product introduction. After five years, Mr. Mickelsen accepted an opportunity to head the marketing and data analytics function areas for Magnaflow, a $100 million revenue manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket. After being sought out by Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP), the second largest automotive aftermarket company in California, Mr. Mickelsen joined the $700 million revenue manufacturer, retailer and wholesale firm as Director of Marketing. He served on the Leadership Council at TAP and reported directly to the CEO. Mr. Mickelsen’s efforts in team building, process improvement and market analysis resulted in a 10% increase in new customers for the industry-leading 4 Wheel Parts chain, and contributed to double digit revenue growth for the company. His focus on ROI allowed the firm to achieve these results while reducing a $22 million marketing budget by 40%. Recently Mr. Mickelsen joined Schiefer Media, Inc., the largest media agency in the automotive aftermarket, as COO, focused on expanding the firm’s services and expanding into additional markets.

    Whether building businesses from the ground up or working within a corporate environment, Mr. Mickelsen’s focus has always been on strategy and supporting tactics, team building, leadership and results. A combination of Marketing and Operations experience has instilled in him a belief that collaboration goes hand in hand with empowerment, process with flexibility, entrepreneurialism with organization.

    Beyond work, Mr. Mickelsen is dedicated to teaching his three children that life is experiential and not material. Mr. Mickelsen pursued and achieved a MFA in Creative Writing to improve his communication skills, as a passion project, and as service to his belief that learning should never end. Mr. Mickelsen enjoys cycling, karate, playing soccer, and walking his big dogs.

  • Brad Otoupalik is a seasoned Automotive Aftermarket Sales and Marketing executive. Brad received a JD/MBA from USC and was part of the Entrepreneurial Program.  He used that education and passion for cars to launch Evosport, a company that became a leader in the European Performance niche.  Brad left his role as Founder and CEO at Evosport to become Vice President of Sales for Performance and Motorsports at Cosworth Engineering.  Brad was then recruited into Maganaflow, where he was Director of International Business Development.  He was then recruited into K&N to the role of Senior Director of International Sales.  Throughout his nearly 20 years in the industry, Brad has held senior roles at Industry Leading companies.

    Brad has now founded Purple Strategy and Development, where he can utilize this experience to benefit his clients.  Brad is able to contribute extensive knowledge of developing and building new revenue streams and partnerships within the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.  Over the last five years, Brad has built very strong business contacts and is able to help launch brands or products internationally with efficiency and impressive results.  Likewise, Brad is experienced in the Domestic Industry, having deep connections with distribution, media and the customer base.


    Brad also began road racing BMW cars in 2000 and considers himself an avid motorsports enthusiast.  He is not just employed in the industry, but he is truly part of the Grassroots, and as such, understands the subtleties and demands.


HCP is establishing a Board of Advisors supported by three to five healthcare luminaries including:
  • Laura Brower Hunter currently serves as a Special Advisory Consultant to healthcare companies in the HCP domain segments, advising them on strategic and legal issues.

    In addition to having practiced law, Ms. Hunter has direct investing experience as a Limited Partner in two Venture Capital funds, as a private investor in a number of growth and public companies and directs investments in her retirement plan.  She also has director experience, is an expert in corporate governance issues and in advising both private and public company Boards.  Ms. Hunter has operational and administrative experience as the managing partner of the corporate practice of Brobeck, Orange County, from 1999-2002.   In addition, Laura Hunter has been a trusted advisor to her clients, assisting in business plan development, the creation of investor presentations, interviewing senior...

    ... and executive level management and outside service providers and in the development of business strategy. While practicing law, she regularly attended and contributed to board meetings for substantially all of her clients.  She currently serves as a director of several companies, provides coaching for executive teams and assists them in refining business strategies.

    For over 16 years, Ms. Hunter has been a practicing attorney, 13 years (from 1989 to 2003) of which were with the law firm of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP, focusing on corporate and securities law with an emphasis on technology development and licensing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestitures of assets, public and private financings, general corporate counseling and corporate governance issues. Approximately 95% of her practice involved representing venture backed companies in the healthcare industry.  Experience includes approximately: 35 technology transfer, development, licensing and manufacturing agreements, both domestic and international; 75 public offerings; 150 financings for issuers, venture capitalists and investment bankers; and 50 merger and acquisition transactions, including management buyouts, leveraged buyouts and going private transactions.  Ms. Hunter has also formed venture funds.

    As a partner with Brobeck, Ms. Hunter regularly attended all board meetings of clients and advised boards on fiduciary duty and disclosure issues.  In that role, most recently, she developed audit and compensation committee charters as well as certification statements for ‘34 Act reports under Sarbanes-Oxley.  She has also sat on the boards of numerous companies, including those of some clients.  From 1999 to 2002, Ms. Hunter was the managing partner of the business and technology practice of Brobeck’s Orange County office.  In that role, she was responsible for all aspects of managing the Orange County corporate practice, including:  hiring, review and compensation of associates and paralegals; developing and managing office group practice budget and office group P & L; training of associates; and interfacing with senior firm management regarding office group performance.  Mrs. Hunter was responsible for implementing a new associate assignment and training program. While on Brobeck’s Associate Review and Development Committee, Ms. Hunter performed annual performance and compensation reviews of associates, and provided recommendations of associates for elevation to partnership.

    From 1999-2001, Ms. Hunter was the co-chair of Brobeck’s Life Sciences Practice where she was responsible for developing marketing and client pitch materials; developing a database of life sciences clients; developing and implementing marketing plan for penetrating additional life sciences companies in various geographic areas across the country; and developing data base of attorney expertise.

    Representative clients and transactions in the healthcare industry have included such as TheraTx (THTX), Tokos (TKOS), Baxter (BAX), McGaw (MCGW), Quantum Health (QTHR), Birtcher Medical (BRTH), Thoratec Laboratories (THOR), Voxel Corporation (VOXL), Careline (CRLN), Advanced Tissue Sciences (ADTS) and Specialty Medical Laboratories (SPEC).

    Ms. Hunter received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Davis, School of Law in 1987 where she was an editor of the UC Davis Law Review in 1986 and 1987 and published an article on tender offers.  She received her Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of San Diego in 1982, Magna cum laude, Beta gamma sigma.  Ms. Hunter is a member of the California and American Bar Associations and the National Healthcare Lawyers Association.










    She speaks regularly on topics of interest to the growth company community including financing alternatives, creating investment presentations, drafting effective business plans, technology licensing, protecting intellectual property, Sarbanes Oxley and corporate governance issues, fundamentals of business operations, negotiating techniques, trends in venture capital and other financings.  She also regularly mentors c-level executives and assists them in developing business plans, refining business strategies and presentations to investors.

    Ms. Hunter resides in Orange County, California and has been married for 8 years to Jim, a native of Southern California.  She enjoys community service and has worked with Victims of Violent Crimes and has been a group facilitator for siblings of children with chronic and/or terminal illnesses at Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

    Legal Expertise


    General Corporate


    Initial Public Offerings

    Private Financings

    Technology Licensing

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Corporate Governance

     Healthcare Expertise


    Medical Devices


    Healthcare Delivery

    Healthcare Technology

    Physician Practice

    Clinical Laboratories


     Current Boards


    St. Norbert Finance Council

    Family Solutions

    America Works for Kids

    Bridgegate 20

    Prior Boards


    Balboa Capital

    CORE 21

    Martin Luther King Hospital Foundation

    Triflo Medical, Inc.

  • Dick Allen has over 35 years experience in the health care industry, both as an operating executive and as a seed capital investor in early-stage medical device and health care service companies. He spent the first ten years of his career with Baxter International during its heydays of the 1960s and ‘70s. While at Baxter, Dick held management positions in several functional areas, including a four-year stint in Brussels as the top finance executive for all of Europe and a two-year assignment as the general manager of a $45 million business unit with 27 locations and 350 employees.

    After leaving Baxter, Dick co-founded Caremark, the venture-backed pioneer of the commercial home infusion therapy market. His initial responsibilities as a vice president of the company were for finance and operations, and he was also instrumental in the development...

    ... of the strategic plan for the company. Caremark enjoyed rapid growth, establishing branch offices across the country and reaching annualized revenues of $225 million within eight years of its founding. After a successful public offering in 1982, the company was acquired five years later by Baxter for $575 million.

    Since 1987, Dick has been President of DIMA Ventures, a private firm that provides seed capital and board-level support for start-up companies in the medical device and health care service markets. In this capacity, he has been a board member and founder or early-stage private investor in a number of companies. He co-founded Pyxis Corporation, a manufacturer and marketer of hospital-based automated prescription storage and dispensing devices. Dick helped to define the strategic direction for the company and served on the executive committee of its board of directors. Pyxis grew rapidly to revenues of $200 million and net profit of $35 million within nine years of its founding. After going public in 1992, the company was subsequently acquired by Cardinal Health for roughly $1 billion in 1996.

    Dick has played an active board/early investor role for such companies as Menlo Care (I.V. access devices; acquired by Johnson & Johnson), Intraluminal Devices (AAA stent/graft technology; acquired by CardioVascular Dynamics), Flex-Foot (prosthetic devices; acquired by OSSUR North America), Micro Therapeutics (minimally invasive devices for neurovascular diseases; public), Med-Mart (home respiratory therapy services; private), Alteer (internet-based software for physician offices; private), Sub-Q (femoral artery closure devices; private), and IntelliDot (healthcare information technology; private). He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for Alteer, and is on the board of directors at Med-Mart, Sub-Q, and IntelliDot. Dick was also an early-stage private investor in several other health care companies that went on to enjoy significant success. These include Informed Access (triage information systems; acquired by Access Health), Tropix (diagnostics; acquired by Perkin Elmer), and Genetics Institute (biotechnology; acquired by American Home Products).

    Between his Caremark and DIMA experiences, Dick enjoyed a ten-month volunteer stint as the Southern California Regional Director for a U.S. Senate Campaign. He also taught for four years as a Lecturer in Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, offering a course in Entrepreneurship to second-year MBAs. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California. He is a past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Orange County Business Council and a past recipient of the Director of the Year award from the Orange County Forum for Corporate Directors. He and his wife are active in the Orange County chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, an organization focused on raising money to fund diabetes research.

    Dick received his B.S. degree (cum laude) from Yale University and an M.B.A. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa and has been married to his wife, Mary, for 37 years. They live in Newport Beach, California and have two grown children and two grandchildren.

  • Dr. Charles Brunicardi is the DeBakey/Bard Professor and Chairman of the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine since April 1999. He joined the Baylor faculty in 1995 as a Professor of Surgery and as the George Jordan Professor and Chief of the Division of General Surgery, a position he still currently maintains. Dr. Brunicardi has served as the Chief of Surgical Services and the Chief of the Clinical General Surgery Service at The Methodist Hospital from 1995-2004, as well as Executive Director of the Baylor/Methodist Multi-Organ Transplant Center from 1995-1999. He is also a consultant and attending surgeon at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center , Ben Taub General Hospital , and St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.  Dr. Brunicardi’s research interests include islet physiology and transplantation, hormonal regulation of blood sugar levels, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and minimally invasive surgery.  His studies began in these areas at The Johns Hopkins University, where he completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry with honors.

    He received his medical degree from Rutgers School of Medicine before he became a resident and eventually chief resident in general surgery at the State University of New York (SUNY) Health Science Center in Brooklyn . He also spent a three-year research fellowship in pancreatic physiology at SUNY and received national and international awards for this work. Dr. Brunicardi’s principal research interests are in the areas of pancreatic cancer, islet cell transplantation, and pancreatic physiology and hormone secretion. He has received both national and international awards for his work, which is funded by two separate grants entitled, “Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Using Surgery and Gene Therapy” and “Intraislet Communication in Surgically-Altered Pancreas,” from the National Institutes of Health. His clinical interests include pancreas cancer, islet tumors, breast cancer, gastroenterology, islet transplantation, and minimally invasive surgery.

    In 1989, Dr. Brunicardi began a six-year tenure with UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles . Along with his position as a staff surgeon, he became the acting director of trauma, co-director and director of the Islet Transplantation Program, successively. He was also an Associate Professor of Surgery at UCLA, where he directed a statewide National Institutes of Health-funded program for transplanting human islets of Langerhans, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In coming to Baylor, Dr. Brunicardi developed a research program in molecular physiology of the endocrine pancreas, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health. He has developed a basic science research program for the Division of General Surgery, which provides research fellowships for residents in general surgery.

    Dr. Brunicardi has received 83 awards and honors since his undergraduate days, including memberships in the Blue Key Honor Society at Johns Hopkins and the Royal College of Surgeons Traveling Fellowship. He was bestowed with the Outstanding Teacher Award at UCLA School of Medicine three years in a row during his teaching career there and the Gene Guinn Outstanding Faculty Award at Baylor College of Medicine. Additionally, he has acted as Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago , at the University of Minnesota , at the University of Washington , at Baylor College of Medicine, at Creighton University , at Tulane University , at the VIIth National Medical Conference in Fortaleza , Brazil , and at the II Meeting of the Brazilian College of Surgeons in Recife , Brazil .

    He is also a member of more than 37 professional societies, including the American Diabetes Association. A prolific writer, Dr. Brunicardi has co-authored 154 publications, 21 chapters, and 101 abstracts. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery textbook. Dr. Brunicardi also serves as a reviewer for such publications as Annals of Surgery, Diabetes, Pancreas, Journal of Surgical Research, Surgery, and American Journal of Physiology. He has also served as a reviewer for the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health. A widely sought speaker, Dr. Brunicardi has taken part in more than 244 lectures regarding his clinical interests.

    Dr. Brunicardi’s personal interests include music, guitar, and golf. He is also a dedicated family man and believes in traditional values of loyalty and friendship. He and his wife, Melissa, have two boys, Isaac and Jackson.

The Board of Advisors’ skill set, which include successful founding, clinical, technical, management, financial, marketing and operating experience will enhance HCP’s ability to locate, evaluate and monitor portfolio investment opportunities. Several other luminary Advisory Board members are currently being screened for selection.

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